Sandy Hungerford Counselling Psychologist Newcastle NSW Australia

Sandy Hungerford Counselling Psychologist

Sandy Hungerford Counselling Pyschologist Newcastle NSW AustraliaSandy Hungerford Counselling Psychologist
BA Macquarie University
MA Western Sydney University
AHPRA Reg no PSY0001138615

  • Individual counselling/therapy
  • Couple counselling/therapy
  • Professional supervision


“We live in the shelter of each other”


I am a Counselling Psychologist with over 40 years experience –  the last 20 years I have been working in Newcastle. I provide  individual and couples counselling and therapy from my home office in Newcastle.  I love my work, and so I  like to keep abreast of developments.   My approach is predominantly client focused and relational as I like to establish a safe, relaxed and trusting environment. I follow a range of approaches using the therapeutic relationship to nurture and  explore the clients inner wisdom.  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)  is  very effective in working this way with a wide variety of  psychological presentations.

People often ask me why work with emotions? Simply put is that it is extremely informative, rewarding and practical as “if you don’t know how you feel you won’t know what you need.” (Dr. L. Greenberg)   So these techniques enable me to work with people so that they can better understand how their emotions and thoughts are affecting their behaviour and to identify underlying  needs and concerns.   EFT is powerful in working with both individuals and with couples.   As relationships can heal and people can live happier, more productive lives.

When people try to avoid their  emotions usually, the exact opposite of healthy behaviour occurs.  (View “Alfred and Shadow” a short story about emotions).   As avoidance can actually escalate the symptoms so they become  out of control and intensify in ways that are not helpful.  Psychological symptoms eg of anxiety or depression or inappropriately expressed anger tend to escalate.  Emotions seem out of control.  Relationships at home or work suffer.     EFT is highly effective as it helps us understand both our thoughts and our emotions, and provides  techniques for healthy self regulation and management.  We learn new ways of recognising our needs and connecting securely with ourselves and others.

Working this way helps people understand their need for secure emotional connection to feel safe and valued.  Clients become more focused as they feel more confident and and grounded.  They are more able to recognise and identify their inner strengths and wisdom.  This forms the basis of people developing greater objectivity and self awareness in relation to their situation so they can lead more fulfilling  meaningful lives.


For further information and/or an appointment please contact me me (on the link above) or ring 0412 831 212 (messages can be left).

Doctors referrals are not required but if you do have one, medicare rebates maybe available.